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post-title Swiss Pastries & Bakery Café

Swiss Pastries & Bakery Café

Swiss Pastries & Bakery Café

Swiss Pastries & Bakery Café

Swiss Pastries & Bakery Café is a staple in Kamloops since the 1980s and has been owned by a total of three different families.

The Steiger’s for 18 years, the Romann’s for 16 years and now the Gotro’s, who have owned it for just over a year! “We love it,” exclaimed Jean Gotro. “We have come to our first year and we couldn’t be happier with the restaurant.”

Located at 359 Victoria Street, Swiss Pastries offers everything from light lunches to fresh desserts – all baked in the traditional European style.

People love the European baking methods,” explained Jean. “Everything is made trans-fat free. It’s all simple recipes with simple ingredients, but all very delicious!”

Prior to owning Swiss Pastries, Jean worked in the financial accounting industry. “This is totally different for me,” said Jean. “The restaurant has always had a good reputation; it makes a good quality product with good quality service that we happily promote… I’m excited to be a part of it!”

When asked why she believes Swiss Pastries has worked so well for so long, Jean explained that it’s all about the product and the location!

“They have always been very particular about only using quality ingredients,” explained Jean. “We use real butter, real whipping cream is all of our stuff… no preservatives in our bread, that’s how we do things!”

“For people the location is great,” said Jean. “They can stop in and get something on their lunch break or they can pop in after work and bring stuff home with them… we’re convenient in that way! Being downtown allows us to do that!”

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