standard-title Santa Claus Parade Rules & Regulations

Santa Claus Parade Rules & Regulations


SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 17th – 4:00 PM Sharp! 

PARADE THEME: Power of Community

1) Entry fee and indemnity agreement must accompany entry form. If the form is sent electronically, the KCBIA must receive your entry fee within 5 business days.

     Payment methods:

  • Cheque payable to the Kamloops Central BIA; #202-246 2nd Ave, Kamloops BC V2C 2C9
  • Cash, Visa, MC, Debit also accepted. Call 250-372-3242
  • Commercial Fee is $100; NO REFUND will be given for withdrawal or no-show. The non-profit fee is $50

2) No entry may depict Santa Claus and/or Mrs. Claus or Santa’s float. 

3) Instructions from Parade Marshals shall always be obeyed. A participant package with instructions will be sent to you a few weeks before the event.

4) Floats – Vehicles – Tow Vehicles:

  • Must be fully decorated in the festive Christmas theme – Music is encouraged.
  • Must have lights, as the parade starts at 4:00 PM
  • Single Passenger Vehicle entries will only be allowed under specific circumstances
  • A skirt must cover the wheels within the bounds of safety.
  • All riders and walkers are to be dressed in matching costumes, uniforms etc. to match the theme of the parade or their entry. No street clothes, please!
  • No open flame permitted
  • Height is 13 ft 6 in. from the ground to avoid power lines.
  • The goal of Parade is Entertainment NOT Advertising.

5) The first 50 entries that meet all the requirements and the pre-approval of the committee will be accepted.

6) All large float entries shall have 2 people (one on either side) in uniform or costume or visi-vests, to walk with the float, as a safety precaution for encroaching children.

7) Distribution of literature flyers, canvassing or asking for donations is prohibited.

8) Any handouts must be pre-approved by the Committee and are NOT TO BE THROWN from the floats. (Placed hand to hand only). Don’t try to give to everyone – it is just impossible! There is lots of candy to go around.

9) DO NOT HOLD UP THE PARADE FOR HANDOUTS. Walkers must keep up with their unit OR let it go forward and let others pass. Walkers MUST be in costume or uniform. This helps the Marshals identify parade participants.

10) All animal entries must have a costumed person following behind with clean-up equipment

11) All parade entries for judging will be judged prior to the start of the parade. BE READY BY 2:15 PM

Award categories:

  • Parade Star
  • Best Band Award
  • 1st, 2nd, & 3rd for Santa, Novelty and Elves categories

Judging criteria:

  • Theme:  Creative use of a theme, extra points for following parade theme
  • Originality & Creativity: Use of original and creative ideas and materials.
  • Music: Use of music, quality of sound, original choices, extra points for live music.
  • Entertainment Value: Entry has entertainment value for the crowd watching. Involves crowd in the parade.
  • Sustainability: A big part of this year’s theme is sustainability which we hope will reflect in participant’s material use for floats and costumes, giveaways, power source and propulsion.

11) Walking groups must have uniforms or coordinated costumes and any performance must be in a forward-moving/marching routine. No child under 8 years old will be allowed to walk in the parade unless they are part of an organized group and can maintain the pace of the parade.

12) The Parade Marshals may reject any entry that is declared not suitable for the parade.

13) Email or phone confirmation of entries will be done as they are received and accepted.