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Become a Member

Here is an explanation of the different types of KCBIA memberships (general & voting):

General Membership

  • All commercial property owners within the KCBIA area – it is the commercial property owners who fund the association through a property tax levy. The commercial property owners are also the only group who may vote to renew the bylaw governing the KCBIA.
  • All businesses with current business licenses that reside in those commercial buildings. (We do not represent home based businesses)

Voting Membership

  • Members (commercial property owners & businesses) who pay the annual $20 voting membership fee

Some of the perks of becoming a VOTING MEMBER of the KCBIA:

  • As a Voting KC Biz Club member, you will be aiding and benefiting in the redevelopment and growth initiatives the BIA is working towards for you as a property owner and/or a tenant.
  • The more voting members our BIA has, the stronger the voice for important issues such as revitalization, beautification, growth and business incentives for the downtown core
  • You may only become a director of the KCBIA or sit on a committee if you are a voting member
  • Only voting members may vote on incoming directors and bylaw changes at the Annual General Meeting
  • You receive a regular e-news to keep you up-to-date and informed on all of the current events and developments
  • Your business is regularly featured in our advertising campaigns and highlighted in our popular Downtown Tourism & Business Directories
  • You will be able to take part in important networking opportunities that arise from being part of an association such as this and you will be given opportunities to join cooperative marketing campaigns

Annual Fee: Within the KCBIA $20.00  & Outside the KCBIA $50.00 (Outside associate membership does not give you voting rights.)

The KCBIA area currently encompasses all those businesses and commercial properties from the west side of Tenth Ave, the north side of Columbia, the east side of First Avenue and the Thompson River.

Please mail in your $20 or $50 membership fee cheque or drop it off at the office #4 – 231 Victoria St.

Cheque is payable to Kamloops Central BIA.